Music for TV-commercials

I composed the original music for more than 400 television ads. Major brands include: Coca-Cola, Audi, Samsung, Dr. Diesel, Orbit, Eclipse, Snickers, Gillette, McDonalds, MasterCard, Johnnie Walker, Nestle, 7-up, Maggi, Nivea, KFC, Juicy Fruit, OBI, Renault, Lays, Sprite, Tele2, R.I.C.H., Starburst, Whiskas, Pepsi-light, Ariel, HubbaBubba, Citroen and many more.

Sound design, mixing

I produced the sound design for more than 20 short movies and more than 300 tv and radio commercials. I work in ProTools, Cubase/Nuendo and Sony Vegas.

Music for movies

I composed the original music for 2 feature movies and a bunch of shorts. And I want more.


My friend has told me that there should be a picture of me here so here is it. With 15+ years of experince in the advertising business/movie/music production I am comfortable with both big clients/marketing related gigs, and lo-budget art-projects. Rates and conditions are always negotiable.

more info

My resume: cv.pdf

Extended showreel:
Any particular style selection can be provided by request.

Solo recordings: all streaming plaforms

Gainsay: the band I produce

No Liquor in Bushwick: another band I produce


+1 347 753 3608
[email protected]