Music for movies

I composed original music for 3 feature films, and more than 20 shorts. My goal is not only to compose the music that "works with the picture", but to develop the original concept for the whole soundtrack, and make your movie sound unique, and cohesive.

Music for TV-commercials

I composed the original music for more than 400 television ads. Major brands include: Coca-Cola, Audi, Samsung, Dr. Diesel, Orbit, Eclipse, Snickers, Gillette, McDonalds, MasterCard, Johnnie Walker, Nestle, 7-up, Maggi, Nivea, KFC, Juicy Fruit, OBI, Renault, Lays, Sprite, Tele2, R.I.C.H., Starburst, Whiskas, Pepsi-light, Ariel, HubbaBubba, Citroen and many more.

Music licensing

No time to produce original music? You can license an existing track. All tracks in this playlist are available for non-exclusive licensing immediately. Reworks are possible. Please contact me

Sound design, mixing

I produced the sound design for more than 20 short films and more than 400 tv and radio commercials. I can patiently produce 10 rounds of reworks required by the client via email at 1am. I can sit at the studio with the director helping them to find the right creative solution for some particular scene. That's my job. I enjoy it.


With 10+ years experince in the advertising business/movie/music production, I am comfortable with both big clients/marketing related gigs, and lo-budget art-projects. Rates and conditions are always negotiable. I'm a reliable, creative, and affordable contractor.

more info

IMDB: here

My resume: cv.pdf

Extended showreel:
Any particular style selection can be provided by request.

I produce artists/bands:


No Liquor in Bushwick

Samantha Laurito

Ace Marcano

Joie Flare

Rayshawn Ware

Solo recordings: all streaming plaforms


+1 347 753 3608